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2 to 3+ years

Boy, are they up for it

When ready and following supervised visits, toddlers move to the next age group when they are ready. This is usually done in small groups so that children are more comfortable with familiar surroundings and friendships are encouraged to continue.


Having conquered the early skills of speech and movement, children are now ready for accelerated development. In this area we have a more structured curriculum, so that the wonderful world of words and marvellous discovery of numbers can be fully embraced. It is amazing what your child can achieve under our caring guidance.


You will soon notice the different toys and equipment in these areas. More books, more puzzles, more construction and more role play toys.


This time in a child’s life is so important

Every piece of research undertaken tells us how important the pre-school years are. Children need to first develop as individuals, before being taught in a classroom or group setting.

In our exceptional pre-schools we have dedicated teachers and Early Years Professionals who operate under the Early Years Curriculum which measures each child’s development against a nationally recognised set of desirable learning outcomes.


Our educational specialists and qualified nurses have time to spend one on one with each child, every day and children are encouraged to work and learn through play and to share this learning in nursery group activities. Friendships are fostered and good behaviour rewarded.


As one leading headmistress cited “I can always tell a child from The Cedars I wish more of our pupils went there.”

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